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the best non-slip workout headbands

Over the years I’ve wasted hundreds of dollars on different headbands that claim to be made for “fitness” or “exercise” and promise to be “non-slip”. However despite these bold claims, they all fall off 5 minutes into my warmup. Or even worse, they fall off when I just wear them around the house. After all of these years I’ve finally found a few brands that stand up to even my toughest workouts. So whether you do Crossfit, Pilates, Zumba, Spin, or are a marathon runner, you can trust that these are the best headbands for any type of exercise. Here’s a list of the top 5 best non-slip workout headbands:

#5 Sweaty Bands

These headbands have a layer of velvet on the underside of the headband to keep it from slipping off your head. They also come in really cute colors and patterns, as well as different widths.

The only downside was that they had a tendency to stretch out after a few uses, which made them more likely to make its way towards the back of your head. They typically never actually “fell off“, but they don’t look too cute sitting far back on your head.

#4 Bolder Bands

These headbands are made of a really light, cool material. They also come in a variety of colors and patterns to help spice up your workout wardrobe. The wide band really helps the headband stay in place when worn correctly. But that’s also the one downside to this headband…it must be worn over your hairline and partly in your forehead.

These headbands did a great job at staying in place, however they did slowly slip towards the back of my head when worn for really extended periods of time (like an 8 hour work shift).

#3 Halo Headbands

Just like Sweaty Bands (listed above), these headbands have a layer of velvet on the underside that helps keep it in place. Like all of the others, they also come in a variety of colors and patterns.

One thing I love about this brand is the wide variety of headbands they have. They have 1″ and 1/2″ thick Bands, as well as wider bands that are meant to be worn at your hairline to keep sweat out of your eyes. I even have a hat from them that has a built in sweat band.

#2 Fit Happy

This used to be my #1 choice until a few months ago. They come in a really lightweight, thin, cooling fabric. They also have a lot of really unique patterns that can match with pretty much any workout outfit (which all you ladies know is super important!).

They come in a wide width that is meant to be worn along your hairline and partly on your forehead. These bands seriously do stay in place! I’ve worn one for an 8 hour work shift, plus 2 group training sessions, plus a 1 hour core training class. Typically the second I lay down to do any type of core work, my headband falls off. But not these! They stay in place!

#1 Junk Brands

Junk Brands headbands are by far the best workout headband on the market. They are made with a special T-shirt fabric that helps it stay in place for even the toughest workouts.

I think my favorite thing about them is that they come in both a wider band style that can be worn along your hairline, but also a thin 1″ style that can be worn back further in your head. This is the first time I’ve tried a thin headband that actually stays in place. I was so amazed that I instantly bought 4 more headbands in a variety of colors. I highly recommend these headbands!

So how do you choose?

If you’re still unsure with what is the best headband for you, you can rest assured that any of the 5 brands above will leave you really happy! If you like the look of the wider headbands, then all 5 brands will give you a high quality product. However if you’re looking for a thinner, sleeker headband, I’d recommend either Halo or Junk headbands.

Do you have a favorite headband that’s not on my list? Leave it in a comment below!

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