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For most of us the New Years comes with reflection on the previous year. Were you able to achieve the goals you originally set for yourself? What would you like to do different this year? It’s a great time to reflect on all aspects of your life.

But if you catch yourself thinking “I can’t wait for the new year because things will be different”, then I have some hard truth to tell you…

Nothing in your life will change unless you do. 

That’s right. You won’t just magically lose the weight, get stronger, reduce your stress, etc. without actually making a change and working towards that goal. 

If you keep doing the same things you did last year, then this year won’t be any different. I’m sorry to tell you.

So it’s time to throw your excuses out the window!

Every time you catch yourself making some excuse, I want you to stop yourself and think “I’m worth it”. 

So if you would rather sleep in than get up early to workout? Tell yourself that you’re worth getting up early for.

Or if you convince yourself that you deserve to swing by the McDonald’s drive thru as a treat for making it through the week, tell yourself that your health is worth it. 


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people tell me that they want to lose weight/get stronger/be healthier/etc. but then proceed to tell me excuse after excuse as to why their choices and habits didn’t reflect this goal. 

There’s the person who feels like they deserve the weekend off from their diet as a reward for making healthy choices all week long.

And then there’s the other person who skipped 2 out of their 4 morning workouts this week because they were tired and thought they deserved to sleep in. 

I know it might sound harsh, but there’s always going to be an excuse for why we shouldn’t do something. And if we give in to these excuses, then we will be chasing after our goals forever.

So let’s say goodbye to our excuses and hello to reaching our goals! 

If you need a little extra motivation and accountability for reaching your goals, then look into my different coaching programs. It never hurts to have somebody on your side!


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