What does it mean to have a healthy diet

The word “healthy” seems to have a different meaning to everyone. Some people view healthy as eating a 100% “clean” diet with no sugar, no dairy, and no processed food….ever. Some people view healthy as working out 7 days a week with no rest days. My approach to health is somewhat in the middle. To me you are healthy when you are eating whole foods that nourish your body….most of the time. To me you are healthy when you exercise the body at least 3 days a week, and then on the others days you don’t just sit on your butt all day. Healthy is about feeling good, eating well, and moving your body. It’s about making good choices 80% of the time.

I also believe that it’s important to enjoy life. If you are so focused on eating a strict “clean” diet that you are turning down invitations with friends and family, well that doesn’t sound very healthy to me. It’s important to find a balance with your diet. A healthy diet should include fruits, veggies, fish, lean meat, etc. But it should also include a burger from your favorite restaurant, or your grandmother’s homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Basically what I’m trying to say is that there should be room in a healthy diet for everything. This doesn’t mean to eat high caloric, fattening foods all the time and call it “healthy”. But it means that you don’t need to view health as an “all or nothing” approach. So go ahead and drink your green smoothie for breakfast, and have your grilled chicken salad for lunch. But when you’re on vacation and there’s a homemade ice cream shop down the street, go ahead and enjoy a double scoop of your favorite flavor!

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