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If you’re trying to eat healthy, it can be difficult to find a bagel that isn’t super high in carbs and calories that also still tastes delicious. I have tried many “low carb” bagels only to be disappointed by their spongy texture. Therefore it was only natural that I was very skeptical to try Western Bagels that have been popping up all over my social media. However I was very pleasantly surprised! So here is my complete and honest review:

Perfect 10 Bagels

According to the Western Bagel website, the Perfect 10 Bagel “is packed with goodness, like flax seeds, wheat bran, sesame seeds, oat flakes and millet seeds. And it has 19g of protein, 10g of fiber, and of course, only 10 net carbs.” Each bagel only has 21g of carbs, and is 160 calories. I got to try both flavors: Healthy Grain and Everything.

I tried the health grain bagel first. I simply toasted it and topped it with a little bit of organic, grass-fed butter (see photo below). The texture is amazing! It’s soft and chewy, but not dry or spongy. Both the healthy grain and everything bagels have a delicious flavor, just like a freshly baked bagel! I give these two thumbs up!

Alternative 2.0 Bagels

According to the Western Bagel website, the Alternative 2.0 bagels are “baked using whole grain goodness and absolutely no artificial sweeteners. And with 10 grams of fiber and a mere 120 calories, they’re perfect for any snack or meal.” These bagels are still low in carbs (the cinnamon spice bagel only has 29 grams of carbs), but the protein is also a little lower, at 7 grams. I received the blueberry and cinnamon spice flavors to try, but they also come in plain, roasted onion, and wheat.

These bagels are just as delicious as the Perfect 10 bagels. They both were full of flavor without tasting artificial (which is what you typically find in packaged blueberry bagels). They were slightly softer than the Perfect 10 bagels, most likely due to the lower protein content. These also get two thumbs up in my book!

High Protein Breakfast Sandwich

Now it’s time to share my favorite high-protein breakfast sandwich recipe with you all! This sandwich contains a whopping 40 grams of protein, and only 24 grams of carbs.

– 1 Perfect 10 Western Bagel (I used the everything flavor)
– 1 slice of low fat American cheese
– 3 egg whites
– 3 slices of turkey bacon

– cook your egg whites and turkey bacon  on the stove until fully cooked
– while that is cooking, slice and toast your bagel
– assemble your sandwich and top with cheese immediately to allow it to melt
– enjoy!

Nutritional Information: 382 calories/ 14g fat/ 24g carbs / 40g protein

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