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Whether you need an at-home workout, you’re on vacation, or you simply want to switch up your workout, park workouts are the answer! You might be surprised at how great of a workout you can get at the park. If you get creative with the equipment at your park, the possibilities are endless!

I love to utilize park workouts when I’m on vacation. I don’t like to pay for short-term gym memberships or pack a lot of stuff with me. I simply look for the closest park, and either run/walk there, or drive (if it’s far). Since this is an outdoor workout in a public place, please be respectful of those around you. Do not go at peak times where lots of kids will be running around. I prefer to go either in the early morning or while kids are at school.

Here are five different park workouts you can try, using all different equipment found at most parks!

Workout #1

What you need: a pull-up bar/monkey bar

*do 5 rounds of the following exercises:
– 25 jumping jacks
– 5 jumping pull-ups
– 25 high knees
– 5 hanging leg raises/knee raises

park workout jumping pull-up

Workout #2

What you need: nothing! Simply mark off distance you could sprint (~100m).

*do 5 rounds of the following
– sprint your marked distance
– 10 pushups
– do walking lunges back
– 10 plank shoulder taps
– bear crawl your marked distance
– 10 lunges
– crab walk back
– REST 30-60 seconds before repeating

Workout #3

What you need: a jump rope

*15 minute AMRAP (do as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes)
– 25 jump rope
– 20 mountain climbers
– 15 squat jumps
– 10 inchworms
– 5 double unders

Workout #4

What you need: a low/medium height bar

*do 10-1 reps of the following (meaning do 10 reps of all 4 exercises, then 9 reps, and so on…)
– bodyweight rows
– elevated push-ups
– body squats
– mountain climbers

park workout - bodyweight rows

Workout #5

What you need: a sturdy bench/step and a jump rope

* do 20-15-10-5 reps of each (the jump rope is multiplied by 10, for example on the 20 rep round, do 200 jump rope)
– jump rope
– bench step ups (each leg)
– bench dips
– bench burpees (with a push-up)


And there you go! You now have 5 total body workouts that you can do no matter where you are! If you’re going on vacation and are worried about staying on track, check out my blog post HERE with my 6 tips for staying on track during vacation.

Each of these workouts are guaranteed to get your heart rate up while strengthening your muscles. If you’re unfamiliar with a particular exercise, look it up on Google/YouTube. If a certain workout is too difficult, feel free to modify by decreasing the rep count/number of rounds, or by modifying an individual exercise. If a workout is too easy, try increasing the rep count, doing additional rounds, or make the individual exercises harder.

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