Building muscle takes a lot of hard work, time, and patience. Unfortunately it won’t happen overnight, and it most likely won’t happen without a plan. So if you’ve been trying to build muscle but haven’t see a lot of success, then keep reading. Or if you would like to start focusing on building muscle but aren’t sure what to do, then this is also for you. Here are my top tips for how to build muscle and get stronger in the gym.  Have a Workout Plan Building muscle requires you to have a thorough strength training program. You want a program that hits all ofRead More →

Okay so you’ve decided to start working out. Yay! That’s a huge success in itself. But now comes the hard part…deciding exactly where to start?! There are thousands of different workout options out there, most of them claiming to be “the best”, so how in the world do you pick one? Let me help you! Exercise is one of my favorite hobbies, and I’m lucky enough that I get to help hundreds of people every year get started on (or change up) their exercise journey. So today I want to teach you guys how to choose the best workout routine for your goals. DECIDE ON YOURRead More →

I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t just walk into the gym without a plan and expect to have a good workout. Even when I’m training my clients, I always plan their workout ahead of time. But don’t get me wrong, planning a workout can be difficult in the beginning. It’s hard to know even where to start! So I thought I’d shed some light on how to plan a workout (or at least share what goes on in my head when I plan!). Before I even get started, please remember that this is just what I do, this won’t necessarily work forRead More →