turkey burger

There’s nothing I love more than a juicy burger. Especially if it’s loaded with bacon, bbq sauce, and fried onions. Anybody with me? But sometimes I also like to tone it down a bit and find ways to make a healthy burger that still tastes amazing! This way I can eat them more often and still reach my goals. So let’s welcome this deliciously seasoned turkey burger… I wanted a recipe that was simple to make with minimal ingredients, but one that had maximal flavor. And this was it! Start out my laying out all of your ingredients on the counter, and grabbing a largeRead More →

healthy sweet potato turkey burger with green beans

If you love sweet potatoes and you love turkey burgers, why not combine them into one amazing burger?! It might sound complicated but I promise this delicious burger combination is super easy to throw together! Start out by peeling and chopping your sweet potato. Then place it in water and bring to a boil. Boil until soft and then remove from the water. Using a fork smash the sweet potato pieces until there aren’t any large chunks. Grab a large bowl and combine the mashed sweet potato, raw ground turkey and seasonings. Mix well with your hands. Then portion out into 5 evenly sized patties.Read More →