Healthy cinnamon sugar protein donuts using About Time protein

What better way is there to start your day than with warm, fresh donuts? Oh and what if I told you that they were healthy and packed with protein? And that you got to eat the entire batch?! That’s right! These cinnamon sugar donuts only use 3 ingredients (5 if you top them with cinnamon and stevia) and contain 29 grams of protein for the entire batch! These donuts are so simple to make! You are only 10 minutes away from fresh donut heaven! That’s it! This recipe makes about 10 mini donuts in my petite donut pan. Not only are these donuts delicious, butRead More →

Chocolate peanut butter protein rice krispie treats using About Time protein

Sometimes I just start throwing ingredients together and am amazed when it actually turns out delicious! This time I made chocolate peanut butter protein rice krispie treats! WARNING: these bars are highly addictive! I could have eaten the entire pan in one sitting! I mean look at them MACROS for one bar without chocolate (makes 9): 142 calories/4.9g fat/20.5g carbs/5.5g proteinRead More →