If you’re ever in need of an awesome, at-home workout, then I’ve got you covered! Each of these workouts is designed to be a total body, fat burning workout that you can do anywhere. They don’t require any equipment, which make them perfect for when you’re on vacation or simply can’t get to the gym. Each workout varies in length and intensity. Make sure to always start with a dynamic 5 minute warm-up, and take about 5 minutes to cool-down and stretch afterwards. Workout #1 6 Rounds of:  20 walking lunges 5 burpees 5 lateral lunges (5 each side) 5 pushups **turn around and repeatRead More →

20 Minute Core Workout with no equipment!

Having a strong core is a crucial part of your physical well-being. Most people seek out core workouts to help slim their waistlines and tone their abs, however they are also a great way to prevent or reduce back pain! A strong core is the foundation for a strong body. I teach a Core Training class three times a week and I’ve led several different workouts. However I wanted to share one of my very favorites with you all! Here are a few reasons why I love this workouts so much: it targets the entire core (aka. upper abs, lower abs, obliques, and lower back)Read More →

Whether you need an at-home workout, you’re on vacation, or you simply want to switch up your workout, park workouts are the answer! You might be surprised at how great of a workout you can get at the park. If you get creative with the equipment at your park, the possibilities are endless! I love to utilize park workouts when I’m on vacation. I don’t like to pay for short-term gym memberships or pack a lot of stuff with me. I simply look for the closest park, and either run/walk there, or drive (if it’s far). Since this is an outdoor workout in a publicRead More →