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6 signs that you're not eating enough

Most people associate eating too much with many negative side effects like weight gain, blood sugar issues, and poor digestion. But did you also know that not eating enough can also be bad? Here are 6 signs that you might not be eating enough:

1. Fatigue

Did you know that food gives us energy? It’s true! Without food our bodies wouldn’t function. So if you’re not eating enough you’re most likely going to feel sluggish and tired most of the day. Try adding in a healthy snack during your typical “afternoon slump”.

2. Rapid Weight Loss

This one is usually obvious, but most of the time rapid weight loss occurs if you’re restricting calories too severely. If weight loss is your goal, aim to lose .5-2lbs a week. Anything more can be too severe, which makes it more challenging to maintain in the long run.

3. Plateaued Weight Loss

If you’ve been successfully losing weight and then it all of sudden stopped, it might be your body telling you it needs more food! Try increasing your intake by 100 calories a day to see if that gives your metabolism a kickstart!

4. Constant Hunger

I know most people think being constantly hungry is normal if they’re trying to lose weight, but it’s not. It’s ok to feel hungry at various times (like before meals), but if you’re hungry 24/7 then it’s time for more food!

5. Difficulties Building Muscle

Building muscle requires food! So if you’ve been trying to build muscle and haven’t been successful, then you might need to eat more calories. Plus keep in mind that the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn at rest! So muscle helps keep your metabolism high!


Hangry is a real thing!! (Hungry + angry). If you’re constantly angry and irritable, it could be because your blood sugar dropped and you’re hungry. Try adding in a healthy snack when you start to feel yourself getting irritable.

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