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I’m a big fan of fitness watches and I’ve had the Polar A360 for a few years and still really love it. (You can read my review of the Polar A360 watch here). However I thought it was time for an upgrade. After doing a lot of research I ended up going with the Polar Ignite watch and I couldn’t be happier! Here is my full review. 


The Polar Ignite has a really sleek design. It has a regular watch band that you can get in many different colors, plus a round watch face. What I loved is that even though it has a larger watch screen, it still didn’t feel bulky, even on my tiny wrist.

It it fully touch screen but does have one small button on the side that you can use to light up the screen, sync, or act as a “back” button.


There are so many great features of this watch that I can’t go into them all. But let me touch on the main ones. First for the watch face itself, there are several different screens you can choose from. You can have it show you the date and time plus one the following: your activity level so far, heart rate, last training session, nightly recharge, fitness recommendation, or nothing.

For your workouts, you can choose between several different sport profiles to help it more accurately track your heart rate and calorie burn. For example you can choose strength training, running, cycling, walking, swimming, crossfit, circuit training, pilates, etc. You can also save your favorites to make it quicker to select your frequently used profiles.

This watch also works with the bluetooth on your phone to show you phone notifications. This is optional and can be turned off at any time. You can also set it to have certain do not disturb times, for example at night.

The Polar Ignite measures your heart rate 24/7 from your wrist. But it also has the option to pair with a bluetooth heart rate monitor chest strap to increase the accuracy during your training session. I use the Polar H10 and haven’t had any problems syncing it.

Some other cool features of the watch is that it tracks your sleep each night and looks at how well you are recovering during your sleep. It has a Serene option to help guide you through a calming breathing exercise if you’re stressed. The watch also has a stopwatch and countdown timer feature. And one of my most used features is the alarm. It uses a silent vibration to wake you up each morning.

Battery Life

The battery life will vary depending on how often you are using it. So far with daily workouts plus bluetooth phone notifications, a full battery lasts me about 3-4 days. I typically charge mine every 3 days just so I don’t need to worry about it dying on me.


Overall I am extremely happy with my Polar Ignite watch. If you are looking for an accurate fitness tracker, then this is the watch to get. Each day you will see your activity level, calories burned, steps, and active minutes. You can even set yourself different activity goals for each day to give yourself something to work towards. I highly recommend this watch.

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