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When Fitbits first became popular, I jumped on the band wagon so fast. I’m all about health and fitness, so why not track it on my wrist? I loved my Fitbit. I was obsessed with getting 10,000 steps every single day. I tracked my workouts daily, and always looked at my sleeping patterns. I didn’t think it could get much better than that.

But then all of a sudden I started having issues with my Fitbit. My workouts wouldn’t sync to the app. The estimated calories burned seemed extremely low. And it literally starting falling apart by the screen. Customer service was great and sent me a new one, but it wasn’t long until that one started having the same issues.

That’s when I started researching other activity trackers. I came across the Polar A360 and fell in love. I did a lot of research before purchasing. So now that I’ve had my tracker for over 4 months now, I thought I would share my review with you!

Polar a360


At first glance the a360 is extremely sleek. It fits well on my small wrist, and isn’t overly bulky. It is touch screen which I love, but it also has a small button on the side that you use to sync it and turn it on. The bands are interchangeable and come in multiple different colors and sizes. I really liked this aspect, as I have pretty small wrists and other trackers can be huge on me. I read other people saying that the clasp came undone easily, but I can honestly say that I have never had that issue. I find it to be very secure, even during intense workouts.


The mainly display is a clock that also has a dial to show you how close to your daily goal you are. You can choose between multiple different clock faces. Your goal is based off of your daily steps as well as your exercise. My favorite feature is the “training” option. You can track several different workouts from running, yoga, dance, and strength training. The A360 will track your heart rate, calories burned, exercise duration, and training benefit. I absolutely love this and find it to be extremely accurate in the calories burned and heart rate.

Speaking of heart rate, the A360 is a wrist-based heart rate monitor. These types of monitors tend to be extremely accurate at rest, but then get a little sketchy during exercise. With the body being in motion, the tracker is likely to move around on the wrist making it nearly impossible to get an accurate heart rate reading. What sets the A360 apart from other wrist-based heart rate monitors is that you have the option to pair it with a chest strap heart rate monitor. This makes it much more accurate. Now this tracker doesn’t track your heart rate 24/7 (I’m sure to save battery life), but it will measure your heart rate with the click of a button (choosing the “my heart rate” option). The A360 is also water proof, meaning you can swim in it as well as shower in it. I wear my tracker for a week straight without ever taking it off.

The App:

The Polar app is another great feature. You can view your activity for the day and see how often you were sitting, walking, or active. This is also where you can view your sleep and see how much was restful vs. restless. My favorite feature here is that you can set a silent vibrating alarm. This was crucial for me because this is how I wake up in the morning. I would much rather wake up to a vibrating watch than to a loud alarm clock.

Battery Life:

My tracker lasts me a full week. This includes exercising for about 1 hour, 6 days a week, as well as a daily alarm. I charge my watch every Sunday for about 2 hours.


4 months later and I am still just as in love with my Polar A360 as I was day 1. The touch screen feature is beautiful and the exercise tracker is extremely accurate. I look forward to seeing my exercise stats each day. I highly recommend this watch! I definitely did my research before buying, and the cheapest price by far is always order off of Amazon (HERE).


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