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4 achievable new year's resolutions

It is almost 2019, and you’ve probably started to think about your New Year’s Resolutions. Am I right?

Most people set themselves up for failure by committing to huge New Year’s resolutions that are almost impossible to achieve in a year. For example, “I’m going to workout everyday”, or “I’m going to completely eliminate sugar, dairy, and gluten”, or “I’m going eat zero carbs”. While these might sound like great health-conscious goals, you need to stop and think about how huge of a life change this would be.

So instead, this year I want you to focus on setting achievable resolutions. Here’s an example of four healthy resolutions that are completely achievable:

#1. Drink more water

Have you ever noticed that when you drink more water throughout the day you actually feel better? It’s true! Staying hydrated is good for your energy, skin, and even your waistline! Not only does staying water help decrease bloating, but it can also help you lose weight. My advice is to have a reusable water bottle with you throughout the day. This will make it that much easier to achieve your goal, and it will be so beneficial for your entire body.

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#2. Crowd out less healthy foods

So instead of setting a goal to “eliminate all unhealthy food” why not instead start to crowd it out with healthier choices? Crowding out simply means that with more healthy foods you include in your diet, there is less room for unhealthy food. Not that you should completely deprive yourself of a cookie, or brownie, or whatever it is you enjoy, but you should be eating healthier foods more often. If you eat healthier foods that give you energy and nutrients, you’ll be on track for a healthier New Year.

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#3. Move more

Instead of having an all or nothing approach with exercise (i.e. “I’m going to workout 7 days a week”), why not have the intention simply to move more? Our schedules are crazy, and while you maybe have been able to keep up with a 7 day a week workout regime for a few weeks, after a month or so it would become nearly impossible to sustain. So instead, try to find time everyday to move more. Sometimes this can be done in a structured “workout” but this can also be done by taking the stairs more often, parking your car further away, doing housework or yardwork, playing with the kids, walking the dog, etc. Make moving fun in 2019. You will feel so much better!

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#4. Let go of negative thoughts

Every person has thoughts or worries that creep into their head. It’s natural. However it’s important to recognize these thoughts and do your best to push them out of your mind. Constantly worrying or being negative can really start to take a toll on your energy levels, sleep, stress levels, and even weight. So in 2019 make it a goal of yours to stop the negative thinking. This will help you to be an overall happier person and will even help you to become healthier.

So now when you start to think about your resolutions for the New Year, make sure you start with an achievable goal (like one of the ones listed above!). Now get ready to have a healthier and happier year!

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