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7 health and fitness apps everybody should have on their phones

Cell phones have become something that never leaves our side. Going out to dinner? Bring your cell phone. Sitting down to read a book? Bring your cell phone. Going to the bathroom? Bring your cell phone.

I know there are tons of articles out there about the importance of unplugging yourself from technology. I realize that there is a time and a place for that. Like when you are super stressed and keep checking your work emails on your phone every 5 seconds. Or when you can’t even study one chapter of your textbook without taking a Facebook break every 10 minutes? But there are definitely times that your cell phone can be super helpful. Why not take advantage of the thousands of apps out there that can make our crazy lives just a little bit easier! Here is a quick list of my favorite health/fitness apps right now:


MyFitnessPal is probably the most popular food diary app of all time. It is also the app that I recommend my clients use. Not only is it super easy to figure out, but it makes the hassle of tracking your food intake a lot easier. Popular restaurant’s food items are listed in their database. There is also a barcode scanner option for you to scan your food and pull up its nutritional information. MyFitnessPal also allows you to track your exercise and it will estimate the amount of calories that you burned.


Fooducate is another really helpful nutrition app. Fooducate allows you to search or scan certain foods and it will give it a letter grade depending on how healthy it is. So when you scan your favorite carton of ice cream and a big D- appears in red, well that might make you think again! It is also super helpful to my clients who are just starting out. If they are in the grocery store and torn between two different types of whole wheat bread, well they can now scan them both and choose the one with the higher letter grade.

Nike Running

The Nike Running app is wonderful if you like to run or walk for your exercise. This app will track your speed, distance, and even estimate the amount of calories burned. It will also display a really cool map at the end to show you the path you just covered. This app also has an option to turn on little motivational cues randomly throughout your workout. Hearing the “keep going, you’re half way to your goal!” is really nice when you’re exhausted and thinking about quitting.

Interval Timer

This app is much simpler than the others listed above, but I actually use it all the time. It allows you to create several different interval timers for your workouts and then save them for future use. For example right now I have Tabata, Every Minute on the Minute, 20 second intervals, 30 second intervals, etc. It makes working out so much easier! You can just program in your workout and change what sound means go and what sound means rest. No more fumbling around with a timer yourself and then messing up your workout!


This one might seem obvious, but I use it all the time! I mainly use it for finding new, healthy recipes to try. Whenever I have some free time I’ll go on Pinterest and search through all different kinds of recipes. I then save a bunch to my “recipe” board for future use. This way when it comes time to meal prep for the week I can just go on Pinterest and have a bunch of options ready to choose from!

Sweat Deck

This is a really great free app that can create an awesome bodyweight deck of cards workout for you! Simply assign an exercise to each suit and go! You can choose to include joker cards and make them little bonuses, like “jog for 1 minute”. Then the app does the rest for you! You simply start your workout and perform the exercise on the card for the designated number of reps. I really like that their is an option to skip cards and come back to them later (just in case you get burpee cards like 4 times in a row!!). This is the perfect app for when you’re traveling, since non of the exercises require any equipment!


I know that this app is technically a Crossfit app, but really anybody looking for a great workout can benefit from it! It has a list of different types of WOD’s (“Workout of the Day”), like bodyweight WODs, Endurance WODs, AMRAP WODs, et. You just click on what category you’re in the mood for, and it will randomly generate a workout for you! Don’t like it? Just click the “try another WOD” button and they’ll generate a new one for you! This is great for super indecisive people like me who can’t decide what they feel like doing for a workout that day. Just let the app decide for you!

That’s it! Those are my 7 favorite apps right now. If there’s any great ones that I missed feel free to share in a comment below!

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