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learn how to start tracking your macros

If you’re reading this then you have probably heard something about macro tracking (or “iifym” for “if it fits your macros”). You’ve probably heard about someone’s wild success reaching their physique goals while still eating donuts and pizza and ice cream. I bet this even sounds too good to be true…yet here you are doing your research. Good for you! Clearly you’re ready to make a change in your health, and you’re trying to find a sustainable way to do so. And macro tracking just might be the solution for you! If you’re still not totally sure what macro tracking is all about, please take a moment to read my blog post What is IIFYM. Now that you are ready to give iifym a try, let me show you how to start tracking your macros!

Step #1: Gather your Supplies

Okay so you’re ready to get serious about macro tracking, but where do you even start? The first step is to gather your supplies. And by this I mean two major things:

  1. food tracking app
  2. food scale

There are so many food tracking apps out there, but I have three favorites: MyFitnessPal, My Macros+ and Lose It! All of these apps are super user friendly. So pick one that works best for you.

When it comes to macro tracking, having a digital food scale is a must. You might think you can get away with using measuring cup and spoons, but you’ll quickly realize how much of a hassle this is. Plus there is way more room for error this way. A food scale makes weighing your food a breeze! Trust me on this one. Any digital food scale will work.

Try this – Look for a scale that can switch to different units (especially ounces and grams), plus one that can “zero/tare”. I personally love this food scale HERE.

Step #2: Calculate your Macros

This might be the most important step in this list. There are thousands of different sites out there that will calculate your macros for you. These websites definitely have room for error, but they are a great starting point. I recommend using the official IIFYM site’s calculator here.

If you aren’t having success with online calculators it might be helpful to hire a Macro Coach to calculate your macros for you. A good coach will take into account your job, exercise frequency, current eating habits, and nutritional preferences when coming up with your macros. I offer a few different macro coaching programs. If you simply just want me to calculate your custom macros you can request it here. However if you need more in-depth help, I also offer 4 and 8 week coaching programs here.

Step #3: Track your Calories

Now that you have your macros calculated, your food scale, and a food tracking app, it’s time to get started! If you have never tracked your food intake before then I highly recommend that you start off by simply tracking your calories for a few days. If your macros are 50g fat, 200g carbs, and 100g of protein this would put your total calories at 1650. Therefore I would recommend that you focus on eating 1650 calories for a few days before you start focusing on hitting your specific macros. This will be a much easier transition then just jumping right into macro tracking. This makes the beginning much less overwhelming!

Step #4: Track your Macros

Now it’s time to get serious! You should be pretty used to hitting your calorie target by now, so this means it’s time to officially start trying to hit your personal macros. Aim to hit each macro within about 5 grams. This means that you can go over or under about 5 grams each day. Don’t be super strict on yourself at first. You will have days where you are really low on protein, or days that you go over your fat allowance by lunch. Don’t worry! It definitely gets easier over time.

Now You’re a Pro!

If you focus on the four steps above, then you will become a macro tracking pro in no time! I invite you to join my private Facebook group HERE that is full of tips and tricks on healthy eating with a focus on macro tracking.

If you’re stressed or overwhelmed with how to get started, then I highly recommend my 14 day Macro Magic ecourse. This program breaks down macro tracking into simple steps over a 14 day period. In just two weeks you will become a master at macro tracking!


*this post contains affiliate links. I may receive a small commission for your purchases, however all of my thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


  1. My husband and I are going vegetarian for the next month, definitely going to keep some of this in mind!

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