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Have you ever wanted to prepare a bunch of salads in advance for your weekday lunches, but had fears of gross, soggy lettuce? Me too! That is why I decided to make an entire blog post dedicated to the exact process I use to keep my salads fresh all week long!

Okay so first we need to talk about Tupperware. A fresh, crisp salad is only as good as the container you put it in! We want containers that are big enough to allow us to mix up our salads without making a mess. I am a HUGE fan of these Glad salad Tupperware containers. They have dress containers that snap into the lid for super easy storage! I mean look how cute they are!

Now let’s move on to filling the containers. There are two different options here:

  • If you are going to eat your salad within the next day or two:
    • Put your toppings in container first, and then put the lettuce on top. Start with any ingredients that are wet, like beans, veggies, and fruit. Then pile in the mean and cheese. Then top with lettuce. Never mix in the dressing. This will instantly cause a soggy salad! Always store in a separate small container and mix in when you are ready to eat.
  • If you are making salads for the entire week:
    • Put your lettuce in the containers and store your toppings separate. I prefer to keep my toppings in small, plastic bags for minimal clean up. If you would like to be able to heat up your protein, make sure to use plastic bags that are microwavable. Most freezer bags can be microwaved. I prefer to use Glad quart sized freezer bags. Then the morning of, just grab your Tupperware with lettuce, your bag of toppings, and dressing container!

And there you have it! Simple, fresh salads to keep you fueled and healthy throughout the week! Make sure to get creative with your salads to prevent boredom. Play around with different fun toppings, like avocado, walnuts, feta cheese, and more!

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