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We all know that staying active is great for our health, but did you also know that it requires a certain skincare routine to stay hydrated and blemish free? Nothing is more annoying that being in a consistent workout routine only to be battling post-workout breakouts!

Sweaty workouts, especially those that are outdoors in the sun, can cause skin damage, breakouts, clogged pores, dry skin, and more. This is why active skin requires a special skincare routine to keep it healthy and glowing!

Photo Credit: FRE Skincare

FRE Skincare is the first skincare line specifically formulated for skin that sweats! FRE uses natural ingredients that feel lightweight on your skin and are non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty free. 

When I was first introduced to FRE products in 2019 I was skeptical. I had been dealing with acne my entire life, and had tried pretty much every acne product on the market. But after reading about their products I figured it couldn’t hurt to give them a shot. And I couldn’t be happier that I did!

Post-sweat breakouts can be a nightmare! Clogged pores, grime and letting sweat and dirt sit on skin can all cause acne and inflammation. This is where FRE can help! FRE’s skincare set has everything you need to say goodbye to acne for good!

If you’re struggling with acne, give this skincare routine a try:

AM Routine:
  • Wash your face with the hydrating Purify Me cleanser
  • Moisturize your skin by applying a thin layer of Revive Me serum
  • Protect your skin with SPF by applying either Protect Me moisturizer or Glow Me tinted moisturizer
PM Routine:
  • Gently cleanse away sweat & grime with Purify Me cleanser
  • 1-3 nights/week use the Detox Me face mask (it exfoliates and purifies skin of dead cells, toxins, and impurities)
  • Use Revive Me serum to rehydrate your skin while you sleep 

The Detox set from FRE contains all 4 products that you need to beat post-workout breakouts! This is the set that I personally use and I absolutely love it! It leaves my skin soft, smooth, and acne free. 

Plus for every set sold, FRE plants an Argan tree in Morocco, which helps double the income of Moroccan women who product Argan Oil. 

And don’t forget to use my code “WELLNESS25″ for a discount!

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