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15 healthy snack ideas

If I had a dollar for every time somebody asked me what I eat during a typical day, I’d be rich! People like to think that just because I’m a Health Coach, that I eat all of these weird things, but that’s not true! Yes I might take a shot of wheat grass every now and then, but I also eat ice cream on occasion too (gasp!). But today I want to share with you some of my favorite snacks. I’m a big fan of snacking, but it has to be done in the right way. I encourage people to eat a snack in the mid-afternoon when they normally get that 3:00 slump. However I don’t encourage people to grab a package of Oreos and milk at 9:00pm before bed because their “bored”. You need to snack smart!

So whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go, here are some quick, healthy snack ideas:

  • string cheese
  • a piece of fruit
  • a handful of nuts
  • veggies and hummus
  • air popped popcorn
  • a handful of tortilla chips and salsa
  • dry roasted edamame (this goji berry one is my favorite!)
  • rice cakes or celery with all natural nut butter
  • Lara bars
  • a smoothie (this might be a better option if you’re at home or need to run out of the house)
  • an RX protein bar
  • an Oatmega protein bar
  • yogurt (look out for added sugars!)
  • cottage cheese
  • trail mix

This is just a quick list. There are still so many other healthy snacks out there! I love to make sure that each of my snacks has some carbs and protein to satisfy my hunger longer. Do you have a favorite healthy snack that’s not on this list? Share it in a comment below!

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