Do you want to start tracking your macros but feel lost?

Or maybe you’ve been tracking your macros but feel like they aren’t working for you?

Let me help you! With my one-time custom macros program I will calculate your personal macros. Don’t be fooled by some online calculator again. It’s time to finally reach your goals and be successful with macro counting!

My one-time custom macros include:

  • custom macros based on your caloric needs and activity level
  • a sample day of eating based off of your custom macros
  • my Macros 101 ebook (15 pages) that explains how to start tracking your macros and be successful (a $49 value)

If the custom macros weren’t enough, the Macros 101 is a full 15 page eBook that contains:

  • how to use the free version of MyFitnessPal to track your macros
  • how to successfully log food
  • weighing food vs. measuring
  • how to create recipes
  • how to pre-log food
  • some food ideas for when you’re low on just one macro
  • how to adjust for exercise
  • and more!

Don’t wait…get started today for only $50!

*If you feel like you need a program that provides more support and accountability, check out my private coaching HERE.