Shopping for a sports bra that is both comfy and supportive can be a big challenge. They’re either super soft but offer zero support. Or they are supportive but have way too much compression or underwire to be comfortable. That’s why I wanted to share with you my top 3 favorite sports bra that have the best of both worlds: comfort and support! Champion T-Back Sports Bra The Champion T-Back sports bra is probably my favorite! It has build-in molded cups, which means no more digging through the laundry for a removeable pad that fell out during the wash. Plus it has a lower necklineRead More →

We all know that staying active is great for our health, but did you also know that it requires a certain skincare routine to stay hydrated and blemish free? Nothing is more annoying that being in a consistent workout routine only to be battling post-workout breakouts! Sweaty workouts, especially those that are outdoors in the sun, can cause skin damage, breakouts, clogged pores, dry skin, and more. This is why active skin requires a special skincare routine to keep it healthy and glowing! FRE Skincare is the first skincare line specifically formulated for skin that sweats! FRE uses natural ingredients that feel lightweight on yourRead More →

If you love pesto, then you are going to love this Pesto Chicken and Pasta recipe! It’s full of delicious pesto flavor yet packed with protein for a healthy filling meal. I love this recipe because it’s so easy to make and I usually have all of the ingredients on hand already.  Start out by cooking your chicken breast and shredding it. I did this in my Crockpot and cooked on high for 3 hours with a little bit of chicken broth. But this can also be done in the oven or in an Instant Pot. Once the chicken is done, it’s time to startRead More →

For most of us the New Years comes with reflection on the previous year. Were you able to achieve the goals you originally set for yourself? What would you like to do different this year? It’s a great time to reflect on all aspects of your life. But if you catch yourself thinking “I can’t wait for the new year because things will be different”, then I have some hard truth to tell you… Nothing in your life will change unless you do.  That’s right. You won’t just magically lose the weight, get stronger, reduce your stress, etc. without actually making a change and workingRead More →

Whether you’re counting calories, tracking macros, or keeping an eye on your sugar or sodium intake, I’m sure you have run into the issue of not knowing the nutritional breakdown of a recipe. It’s easy enough to read a nutrition label on a packaged good, but what about when you make something from scratch? It might seem like a mathematics induced headache waiting to happen, but I promise that it’s easier than you think! Here’s how to calculate the nutrition information from a recipe, step-by-step. Step #1: Determine the Number of Servings There are many apps and websites out there that will do the mathRead More →

Anybody who has tried to change their weight has probably heard at some point in their life that the scale lies because “muscle weighs more than fat”. Is this true? Should you ditch your scale for good? Let me break it down for you… Fat vs. Muscle The saying that “muscle weighs more than fat” isn’t entirely true. I mean 1 pound is 1 pound no matter if its 1lb of feathers or 1lb of rocks. So its impossible for 1lb of muscle to actually be heavier than 1lb of fat. However the saying still has some truth behind it. What the saying really means isRead More →

Nothing is more frustrating then when the scale suddenly stops moving. Especially when you feel like you are already doing all of the right things. You are watching what you eat and you’re hitting the gym, but the scale just isn’t cooperating. This is usually when most people would throw in the towel and quit. But that’s not you! Instead of giving up all together, try these few simple tips for how to break past a weight loss plateau.  What is a plateau & how to know if you’re in one A weight loss plateau is basically when you have already been successfully losing weightRead More →

Building muscle takes a lot of hard work, time, and patience. Unfortunately it won’t happen overnight, and it most likely won’t happen without a plan. So if you’ve been trying to build muscle but haven’t see a lot of success, then keep reading. Or if you would like to start focusing on building muscle but aren’t sure what to do, then this is also for you. Here are my top tips for how to build muscle and get stronger in the gym.  Have a Workout Plan Building muscle requires you to have a thorough strength training program. You want a program that hits all ofRead More →

There is so much conflicting nutrition advice out there on the internet that it can be really confusing to know what is true or not. And cheat meals are definitely part of this confusion. Some people claim that cheat meals undo all of your hard work and make you gain weight, while others claim that they help fire up your metabolism and speed up your weight loss. So what is actually true? Are cheat meals helpful or hurtful for weight loss? Let me break it down for you… What is a “Cheat Meal”? A cheat meal is basically a meal that is usually considered unhealthyRead More →

There are so many “fitness” products out there that it can be overwhelming to even know where to start! Do you need the fancy yoga pants? Or hundred dollar headphones? Or flashy running shoes? Or worse yet, maybe you splurge on the cute leggings only to find that they’re totally not squat proof (I’ve been there!). Workout gear can be expensive, so stop wasting your money on crappy products, or things you don’t need. I’ve done my research (and tested out lots of products) to compile a list of my favorite high quality, yet typically affordable workout gear! Clothing Electronics AccessoriesRead More →