Chocolate peanut butter protein rice krispie treats using About Time protein

Sometimes I just start throwing ingredients together and am amazed when it actually turns out delicious! This time I made chocolate peanut butter protein rice krispie treats! WARNING: these bars are highly addictive! I could have eaten the entire pan in one sitting! I mean look at them MACROS for one bar without chocolate (makes 9): 142 calories/4.9g fat/20.5g carbs/5.5g proteinRead More →

Salsa chicken over rice and veggies

I have a new found love for crockpots. It all started when I found an old one in my basement and immediately cleaned it up and started researching recipes. Since then I’ve invested in a much better (and safer!!) newer model. I now use a 7 quart Crockpot that is surprisingly cheap here on Amazon. Crockpot recipes are a staple in my house, simply because of how easy they are to make. I absolutely love being able to just throw in the ingredients and walk away. So I want to share with you one of my all-time favorite crockpot recipes…Crockpot Salsa Chicken! This is definitely a repeatRead More →

healthy sweet potato turkey burger with green beans

If you love sweet potatoes and you love turkey burgers, why not combine them into one amazing burger?! I’m really proud of this recipe. I literally just went for it and threw some ingredients together. And the result was amazing!  Read More →

B-Up protein bar sampler pack

I recently had the opportunity to try out B-UP protein bars and I couldn’t wait to post my review of them! Let’s start off with the basics… Each bar is gluten free, 180 calories or less, has 20g of protein, 4-6g of fat, and 2-3g of sugar! Plus each bar has 20g of fiber, leaving you with only 5-6g of net carbs! Okay enough with the numbers. Numbers mean nothing unless a product tastes good. Let’s start with the texture. Each bar is so extremely soft. Its like eating raw cookie dough, but without any of the guilt! It’s like 100x softer than a QuestRead More →