I recently had the opportunity to try out B-UP protein bars and I couldn’t wait to post my review of them! Let’s start off with the basics…

Each bar is gluten free, 180 calories or less, has 20g of protein, 4-6g of fat, and 2-3g of sugar! Plus each bar has 20g of fiber, leaving you with only 5-6g of net carbs! Okay enough with the numbers. Numbers mean nothing unless a product tastes good.

Let’s start with the texture. Each bar is so extremely soft. Its like eating raw cookie dough, but without any of the guilt! It’s like 100x softer than a Quest bar and I loved it!

Cinnamon Roll:


The first bar I tried was the cinnamon roll flavor. This flavor was definitely  my favorite one! It was so cinnamony and sweet! It tasted exactly like cinnamon ice cream. They definitely hit the nail on the head with this flavor! I like it a million times more than the Quest cinnamon roll flavor.

Sugar Cookie


sugar cookie b-up protein bar
The second flavor I tried was sugar cookie. This bar was literally like eating raw sugar cookie dough. I mean I couldn’t believe that this baby had 20g of protein in it! I can only imagine how it would be if I baked it!

Chocolate Mint


mint chocolate b-up protein bar

And finally I tried the chocolate mint bar. This bar had actual chocolate chunks in it! Plus it tasted like a thin mint cookie! I can tell why people love this flavor so much.

Overall Thoughts

I give B-Up bars a 5/5 in my book. All 3 flavors were delicious and the soft texture is what really won me over! I really wish I had more bars to eat. I can’t wait to try them baked!

Have you guys tried B-UP bars yet? What’s your favorite flavor?

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