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6 Tips for how to get rid of abdominal bloating fast!

If you’ve ever suffered from abdominal bloating, you know just how frustrating and uncomfortable it can be. The painful pressure pushing on your stomach. The terrible way your stomach can grow five times its normal size! And let’s be honest, the embarrassing gas that usually accompanies bloating is no fun either.

Identifying the root cause of your abdominal bloating is a key factor in avoiding it in the future. You can check out my previous post here to learn what causes bloating. However sometimes it sneaks up on us and we need a way to get rid of it ASAP!

So I’m here to help! I’ve compiled a list of my top 6 treatments to get rid of that annoying abdominal bloat fast. Want a handy checklist to keep with you in desperate times of bloating (we’ve all been there!). Download my 6 Ways to Reduce Bloating Checklist… for free!

6 Ways to Reduce Bloating Checklist!

1. Drink tea

There are many herbal teas out there that can aid in digestion and decrease inflammation. My favorites are turmeric, lemon ginger, peppermint, and chamomile. Just brew a cup and sip on it slowly for quick relief.

2. Stand up or go for a walk

Air pockets can get trapped in our digestive tract much easier when we are sitting down. Standing up and walking around can help clear out these air pockets, therefore relieving bloating and gas.

3. Drink a glass of water

Water is essential for our bodies. So when we don’t drink enough our bodies get smart and start to retain water, aka bloating. Therefore when we are properly hydrated our bodies don’t feel the need to retain water anymore! Bonus tip: add lemon to your water for even more bloat banishing power!

4. Exercise

Okay so this kind of goes along with point #2 above. But exercise also helps keep our digestive systems regular. And the more regular we are, the less gas and bloating we experience!

5. Take time to de-stress

Stress not only has bad effects on your health, but it can also lead to digestive discomfort. Stress typically causes us to increase our breathing and swallow more air, which leads to air pockets in the stomach, which then cause bloating. Stress also causes our cortisol levels to rise, which has also been known to cause bloating.

6. Slow down your eating

Make sure to take your time at each meal, and chew your food thoroughly. Chewing helps aid in digestion to ensure that we are digesting our food properly. Slowing down also helps to reduce the amount of air that you swallow with your food.

6 Ways to Reduce Bloating Checklist!

If you follow all 6 items on this list you should start to feel some instant relief from your bloating. If you suffer from chronic bloating make sure to speak to your doctor. But if you can make find a way to incorporate all 6 of these items into your daily life, then you should be able to make bloating a thing of the past!


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